Good Afternoon,

Alberta Health Services and Health Canada, are advising Canadians to wear a non-medical face mask as an additional measure to help cut down the spread of the novel coronavirus when they are in situations where they can’t ensure proper physical (social) distancing. In response to this, we have:

  • developed a Safe Work Practice for the safe use of non-medical masks and gloves (attached), and
  • ordered cloth masks, which meet the CDC design specifications. The masks are currently being manufactured and are expected to be available in the upcoming week.  We will provide employees (who require or request masks) at least 2-3, to ensure they can replace them as needed throughout their shifts. These masks need to be inspected, used and maintained as per the attached Safe Work Practice.

 Action required from Divisional Leadership:

  • Refrain from ordering medical masks – We want to ensure that medical masks are available to our Health Care Providers.
  • Identify the folks in your group who will require masks (if they are or have the potential to work within 6 feet of others), or who would like to have masks (as a precaution) and send Carrie and me their names, and the location where the masks need to be delivered.
  • Let me know if any non-medical masks currently being used (that are not Backwoods provided) so I can ensure they meet the requirements in our SWP.
  • Share the attached Safe Work Practice with your field folks and verify they are complying to its requirements. The Safe Work Practice can also be accessed in the documents section

Please remember  that PPE is our last line of defense. We all need to remain diligent in practicing and promoting the most effective methods in preventing the spread of COVID-19, which are:

  • frequent and thorough hand washing,
  • covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • avoiding touching your face, nose or mouth, and
  • practicing social/physical distancing of at least six feet.