Who We Are

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What we do

In continuous operation since 1986, Backwoods began as a tree planting contractor in the interior of British Columbia. Backwoods began to diversify into other forestry related services and, in the early 2000’s, transitioned focus to the North Western Albertan energy industry. The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation acquired a majority ownership position in Backwoods Energy Services in 2015.

Backwoods has since grown tenfold and become a leading supplier of access and matting solutions, civil and forestry services, pipeline maintenance and security services in Western Canada.  We have been able to attract best-in-class management and operators from across the industry, allowing us to successfully complete some of the largest midstream and utility projects in Alberta. Moreover, we have become the largest employer of Alexis band members, the largest independent source of income in the community, and have increased Backwoods asset value by over 600%.

Today, Backwoods Energy Services is 100% Indigenous-owned and one of the largest Indigenous-Community owned companies in Canada.

Why we exist

Our mission is to: “drive economic opportunity by empowering Indigenous people and communities.”

It is our belief that business can be a force of good in the world and work a place of meaning. Pioneering change and creating a pathway for mutual success is at the heart of what we do.

We have hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees working side by side. We actively nurture mutually respectful relationships that are the foundation for Reconciliation.

It is our belief that there does not have to be a tradeoff between building a “good” company and doing well “well”.  Having purpose in our work is the source of our competitive advantage and the foundation of our success.

Chief Tony perhaps sums it best in saying:

“We have not seen the entire landscape of what we can do, but we know we have a very strong team and the future is bright for Backwoods.”

Solutions-focused Consultation

We facilitate an effective engagement process that ensures a mutual understanding of issues and interests of the Nation.

Operational Excellence

We have a proven track record delivering consistent quality work on time and on .

Economic Empowerment

We create economic opportunities that help build sustainable and resilient communities.

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