Our health and safety program is the foundation on which our business is built and the footing which allows us to thrive. Our employees need to feel safe to perform at optimal levels.

They need to trust and believe that our programs are designed with their safety first and foremost. Active engagement by those that do the work ensures that they are able to work in high risk environments safely and with high efficiency.

Our objective is 100% vigilance, 100% of the time by 100% of our employees.

We have a proactive safety policy; we consistently train our workforce; and our employees and contractors are empowered with the authority and responsibility to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe

Leadership Commitment

Effective leadership is a critical success factor.  Leaders must cultivate and drive our culture through their values, competencies and behaviors. They are responsible for understanding and mitigating risks and maintaining and assuring safeguards for their business.

This is our COMMITMENT; this is our VALUE. We stand behind our commitment with exceptional execution.

Everything we do will be to ensure we facilitate a safe work culture:

  • Our core cultural endeavors are centered on three critical and proactive behaviors of FIND, INVESTIGATE and FIX hazards before they result in an incident.
  • We can only do this with an engaged workforce.
  • A workforce that trusts and believes that we are looking out for them.
  • Our employees tell us about hazards before they result in an incident.
  • These hazards include unsafe conditions, human factors and organizational behaviors such as production pressures, poor planning or need for training.
  • We will NEVER BLAME anyone for reporting safety issues.

As an organization we provide high quality management systems and training to strive for ZERO ERRORS.

We will do this by:

  • Having a high sensitivity to operations
  • Engaging and deferring to our frontline experts
  • We will provide high quality training
  • We will cultivate a mindfulness to failure
  • We will communicate with our employees in a timely manner so that they always know their concerns are being addressed.
  • We fully investigate, with incident learning teams and review teams, all reports of high potential hazards and put in fixes to ensure it never occurs again.
  • We recognize that we are only human and will make mistakes.
  • If incidents should happen, we will learn from them and fix them so the same conditions NEVER come together again to cause a similar incident. That is our personal GUARANTEE.


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