I am accountable. This means:

  • I take full responsibility for my mistakes without deflection and learn from them
  • I never hide the truth or any portion of the truth
  • 100% responsibility, 0% excuse
  • I am committed to everyone’s success irrespective of title, position or department
  • I deliver commitments on time with excellence

I am a great teammate This means:

  • I do not belittle, gossip, speculate, or lose my cool
  • I encourage lively debate – the best ideas win not the loudest
  • Once a decision is made, I commit 100% even if I disagree
  • “This is not my job” is never said. I help wherever necessary
  • I have your back and expect you to have mine-trust is the foundation of all relationships

I am a high performer. This means:

  • I work hard. Sometimes that means getting in early and leaving late. I put in the time and to get the job done right
  • I exceed expectations in terms of precision and timeliness
  • I do right thing period
  • I seek continuous improvement within my role and the Company
  • Our mission is the core of our company and I do all that I can to achieve it daily

I have grit. This means:

  • I stay the course and recommit in the face of challenges
  • I am relentless in pursuit of our goals
  • I have the courage to face obstacles, I know what is important and have the strength of character to do the right thing
  • I recover quickly from challenging circumstances
  • I go beyond my comfort zone to achieve success

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