Our Emergency Preparedness Team is closely and continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are prepared to respond to any change in the status of the outbreak. We have made updates to our COVID-19 protocol (attached) in response to the recent updates we have been receiving from our local, provincial and federal governments.

Every employee and subcontractor working at all Backwoods locations is expected to review today.  Managers, supervisors, foreman – please share and review with your teams/crews/departments.

Updates include:

  • A reduction to the size of group gatherings to 10 people.
  • Isolation requirements – Legal requirements for self-isolation and the mandatory 10 and 14 day isolation requirements.
  • Sanitization requirements for vehicles and reducing the number of passengers travelling in one vehicle at any given time.

Everyone has access all Backwoods Energy COVID-19 Protocols, Procedures, Practices, and updates at https://www.backwoodsenergy.ca/covid19/.

We recognize this is a fluid situation and will be providing ongoing updates on changes our to protocols. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in complying to these and the government’s COVID-19 prevention measures.

Managers and supervisors – Please share this communication with all employees who do not have a Backwoods email.