Skyesong Alexis, one of Canada’s only Indigenous female golf pros from Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, will be competing in the upcoming Epson Tour (formerly called the Symetra Tour). Backwoods Energy Services sponsored Skye for this event, and we had an opportunity to speak with Skye about her journey for reaching this point in her career.

1. Hi Skye. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live and any hobbies or favorite pastimes that you have?
Abawashded; hello. My name is Skyesong Alexis. I am a proud member of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, and I can speak Sioux language. I’m currently living off reserve with my spouse on the Samson Cree Nation. I am a strong believer in ceremonies and I pray every day for my family and for myself. Growing up, I enjoyed dancing and singing, and today, my hobbies include being the best mother I can be, and showing my babies a lot of love and hard work.

2. You have experienced much success in your golf career. Can you share some of these accomplishments?
I grew up playing on the Canadian Junior Tour and McLennan Ross Junior Tour. I played golf in junior high and high school at Jasper Place in Edmonton, and I had many victories. I have won zones, a provincial medal for high schools in Alberta, along with many Athlete of the Year awards. In 2008 I won gold at the Indigenous Games, and in 2019 I had my biggest win as an amateur at the Sun Life Open. It’s a great feeling to be the first Indigenous woman golfer in Canada to have accomplished all that I have. I’m proud that I pushed through all the challenges to get where I am today- playing at a professional level. I feel like I am exactly where I belong.

3. How long have you been golfing?
I picked up my first golf club when I was 8 years old, and have loved the sport ever since then.

4. What got you interested in golfing?
When I was young, my family always golfed and I spent a lot of time on the course with my parents. That’s when I started to dream about becoming a professional golfer. This big dream of mine seemed like it would be a huge challenge to achieve, and in reality, I love the fact that success didn’t come easy to me.

5. What do you love most when you are out in the field golfing?
To shoot my best score; and the feeling like it’s just me and the golf course, and nothing else. The golf course is like a safe haven for me.

6. What are some challenges that you had to overcome?
Living on reserve, there was no recreation centre to attend where I could improve my golf skills. This led me to the decision to move off reserve and live with my older siblings. Going to school, I dealt with racism, and had a few teachers that made me feel inferior to others. I proved them wrong by continuing to show up and doing my best in my studies and in sports. When I play sports, I feel happy and good about myself. I live for the ups in my life, and learn from the downs, and I continually keep the vision of being a professional golfer top of mind. I realize that in order to continue chasing my dreams, I need support from sponsors, and I am very grateful that Backwoods has sponsored me for the upcoming Epson Tour.

7. What are your future goals of what you would like to accomplish in the sport?
I would like to make it and win in the highest level in golf, which is the LPGA, so I am right on track for achieving these goals.

8. Good luck charms – do you believe in them and do have a special charm that you bring or wear when golfing?
I wear a beaded bracelet that all my sisters have and wear regularly too. I wear the bracelet in ceremony, and when I feel scared or nervous. The bracelet reminds me that I am loved by my family, and it serves as a reminder to how far I have come in my life.

9. Who has been your biggest support system when you are away?
My family and my spouse are always there rooting for me and cheering me on.

10. What words of advice do you have for other young women who look up to you and want to achieve success like you have?
To always pursue your dreams. No matter what happens in life, know that you’re good enough, that you belong, and that there’s nothing in this world you can’t do. There is always a way if you believe in yourself and push through. Remember to keep showing up because your hard work will pay off.

Listen to Skye’s interview on CBC Edmonton