A formalized employee recognition program enables Backwoods to message to our employees that the work they do is meaningful and makes a difference.  Our people are at the core of what we do and because of that, we want our employees to feel valued, trusted and respected.  To feel secure and self-confident, knowing that we appreciate their contributions in delivering excellent results to our clients.  The Backwoods Virtues are how we are expected to action our work and hence are the behaviours we value in our employees.  Backwoods employee recognition program will recognize those employees that live our virtues and exemplify what it means to be a high performing Backwoods employee.


The Backwoods Virtues

I am accountable. This means:
  • I take full responsibility for my mistakes without deflection and learn from them
  • I never hide the truth or any portion of the truth
    100% responsibility, 0% excuse
  • I am committed to everyone’s success irrespective of title, position or department
  • I deliver commitments on time with excellence
I am a great teammate. This means:
  • I do not belittle, gossip, speculate, or lose my cool
  • I encourage lively debate – the best ideas win not the loudest
  • Once a decision is made, I commit 100% even if I disagree
  • “This is not my job” is never said.  I help wherever necessary
  • I have your back and expect you to have mine-trust is the foundation of all relationships
I am a high performer. This means:
  • I work hard. Sometimes that means getting in early and leaving late. I put in the time and to get the job done right
  • I exceed expectations in terms of precision and timeliness
  • I do right thing period
  • I seek continuous improvement within my role and the Company
  • Our mission is the core of our company and I do all that I can to achieve it daily
I have grit. This means:
  • I stay the course and recommit in the face of challenges
  • I am relentless in pursuit of our goals
  • I have the courage to face obstacles, I know what is important and have the strength of character to do the right thing
  • I recover quickly from challenging circumstances
  • I go beyond my comfort zone to achieve success

Award Process

  1. By the end of the first week each month, each people manager must submit a nomination form via the online form below.  Any non-Managerial employees that wish to nominate a fellow Backwoods employee are encouraged to do so via the same method.
  2. Our CEO will select from the nomination forms submitted – one employee will be recognized each month.
  3. Award recipients will be notified via a personalized letter, and will receive a $100 VISA gift card as a token of Backwoods’ acknowledgement and appreciation for their efforts.

Nomination Form

  • Submitter's Information

  • Nominee's Information


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